About The Artist

sherri_bioDiscovering art at the age of 10, my life long dream was to become an animator for Disney.  After many twists and turns in my journey, and a 15 year hiatus as a cosmetologist living in Florida, I was finally able to pursue my art degree. Mainly focusing on graphic design and art history, I became obsessed with animation, zealously plotting a course to becoming an animator for Pixar.

Paying my dues as a graphic artist and web developer for several years, I once again diverted from my initial plan. Eventually trapped in the cold, colorless, cubicle maze of the IT consulting world, I dreamed of escaping to a more creative environment.

Through the years I have continued to draw, occasionally freelancing as an illustrator or portrait artist. Recently, my path has taken a huge u-turn and I am now refocused on art. I have a new direction and I am looking forward to marketing myself and refining my skills as an illustrator. The Universe is unfolding as it should!


3 thoughts on “About The Artist

  1. Hey Sherri,

    I saw on Facebook that you’re leaving The Story Shack and I just wanted to say good luck, and thanks again for doing such a great illustration for ‘Nail Varnish’.

    Hope you have fun with everything you’re doing next!


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